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Design is easy, but design with marketing in mind is a science itself.
Take your designs to the next level with Jeff Minnichbach.

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Designers are a dime a dozen and come in all shapes and sizes. However, most freelancers do work when they feel like it and don't have that entrepreneurial mindset needed to provide reliable and effective design solutions.

Jeff does graphic design for a living and creates over 200 ads per month and employs a team of 4 sub-contractors to bring a wide array of marketing-based design services to the table. His reviews and accomplishments speak for themselves and you'll be in great hands when you hire him.

“My passion is helping
businesses succeed.”

Jeff Minnichbach is a Maryland based freelance graphic designer who has been creating innovative designs over the last 10 years. He started out in affiliate marketing, doing lead generation for international business opportunity programs and then shifted into designing advertisements for people who used websites like Craigslist or Backpage for business promotions.

Fast forward several years later and here he is now, one of the largest and most reputable expert ad designers online today. Jeff steadily designs over 200+ Facebook & Instagram ads every single month and, as of 2017, has expanded into the video ad design space as well.

Combining the latest trends and outside the box thinking, Jeff is able to create advertisements for any business that will keep a specific audience or objective in mind. From static images to highly engaging animated video ads, you can rest assured knowing your ad campaigns are in excellent hands when it comes to creatives.

Lead Graphic Designer

Jeff is an expert graphic designer specializing in high converting social media ad designs as well as both digital and traditional print work.

Designer & Animator

Abdur has a degree in graphic design and is an expert in all areas of graphic design as well as custom animations & video development.

Designer & Video Producer

Anthony specializes in branding but can also take care of general design needs as well as high end video production work and video editing.

Graphic Designer

Federico has a degree in graphic art and specializes in social media ad designs as well as digital and print work of all kinds.

Video Designer

Engin is a seasoned video designer and creator that uses his creative experience to produce high quality & effective videos for clients.

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