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Bring life to your
social media ads.

Watch your click thru rates explode by up to 40% and spend less money on
your marketing while keeping users engaged for a longer time.

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Animated ads are the new way to go.

Although traditional image ads still perform extremely well, a new style of ad is also quickly evolving into a powerhouse for generating results. Animated style ads are a combination of standard ads and video ads and cost less to run while performing better.

Current clients are reporting up to a 40% increase on their click thru rates and an astonishing 50% decrease in ad spend making animated ads a win/win for everyone. For a low fee, you can bring your ad to life, tell a story, and drive your sales home.

Quality Designs

Whether you're a large corporation or a "one man show," your ads get designed with extreme attention to detail.

100% Compliant

All ad designs meet Facebook & Instagram advertising policies including correct dimensions and less than 20% text.

Highly Diverse

In addition to social media ad designs, you can also get custom video ads or animations designed to fit your marketing needs.

Foundr Magazine

Foundr Magazine

White Tale Coffee

Studio Live 2 Dance

Waist Trimmer

HGTV Vintage Flip

Mighty Mug

HGTV Flip or Flop

High Converting Animation Plans

These are our most effective animated ad packages for our clients.


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Cinemagraphs are a highly artistic way to grab attention online from your target audience or followers. They are developed from a still photo or video and consist of some part of the subject frozen while other parts are moving. They are excellent for engagement objectives as well as clicks to website and lead generation.

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Animated Ads

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Whether you're looking to stop people dead in their tracks or get conversions, animated ads are an excellent solution. Both short and effective, these style of ads are very popular with all brands online. They cost less than a full blown video and still have the same results. They usually consist of slideshow-style animations showing different text options and effects.

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Looking for a more custom style of animation or not seeing what you want on this page? Please send us a message through our Contact Us page and we'll be able to give you a custom quote.

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