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Ad Copywriting: The Art Of Storytelling And Selling

We make all sorts of beautiful ad creatives, art is our game, and we love the service we provide for our clients. Ad creatives are only half of the ad though, what about the copywriting? Copywriting, like ad visuals, is an artform unto itself.

Imagine being able to take someone on an emotional journey, bringing them into a cozy, warm home on a snowy night, the fireplace crackling softly. A young blonde haired woman, no more than 35 years old, sat curled up sipping a mug of cocoa while surfing the web. She finally found the sweater she'd searched months for. Gracefully placing the cup on the table next to her and picked up the credit card. Her finger gently made contact with the trackpad, and as the cursor slid down the screen, she bit her lower lip with anticipation. Then with a hover and a tap... it was done.

Yeah, storytelling like that takes a wordsmith, a rap artist of the keyboard, and a team that has a nearly Shakespearean command of the language. That team isn't ours.

Ad Zombies is the world's best flat fee ad copywriting service and our recommended copy ninjas. Their reviews are stellar, their customer service fantastic, but their ability to tell a story like no other is what makes them shine.

When you need words to join our images, you're in great hands with Ad Zombies.

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